Firmware Mito 600

Firmware Mito 600

Press and Holding Power button now !
Connecting, wait...
Connected to Phone.
CPU: MT6250DA(625A) Ver: CA01  SW:0001
Initialize Boot7 ...
Flash(Nor/SF) Type  [GIGA] GD25LQ128
Flash(Nor/SF) Code  00C80060(00180000)
Flash(Nor/SF) Size  0x01000000 Hex Bytes
Start Reading(Nor)...
The phone information:
Read Done !
Time used:  0 mins 48 s
File Saved: F:\DATA HANDPHONE\CINA\FIRMWARE CHINA\MITO\MIto 600\RATECH50_12864_11B_PCB01_GPRS_MT6250_S00.MITO_600_X510_CQ2181_A1_11B_V1_7_1128.BIN

Download Firmware Mito 600

File Name: RATECH50_12864_11B_PCB01_GPRS_MT6250_S00.MITO_600_X510_CQ2181_A1_11B_V1_7_1128.BIN
Size: 10MB
Server: Google Drive
Link: Download

6 Responses to "Firmware Mito 600"

  1. Om klo cara ngeflaz bahan banahnnya apa aja ? Pake usb bisa om? Kasus tomobol menu ngadat...

    1. Pake MTK Flash tool bisa gan .. atau pake box flasher

    2. Bisa ngga pake mtk flashtool plus usb soalnya ane gagal mulu...tutorinnya dong om maklum servis senternya jauh banget tolong om nofantz

  2. gan ,, firmware mito A600 ada gak ??


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