Firmware Nokia Bi Only

Firmware Nokia Asha 308 RM-838 Versi 08.13 Bi Only

Existing device hardware versions: RM-838 ("global") & RM-852 (Latin Americas)
Supported end-user update method: Nokia Suite and FOTA.
see all reported issues for this device: Nokia Developer bugs for Asha 308

Change log of Nokia Asha 308 8.13 SW release:

Improvements for video streaming
Launchers for Mail For Exchange, Whatsapp, eBuddy and Youtube link added
Updated versions of Twitter, Facebook, Notifications and News and Offers applications.
Updated versions of Nokia Xpress Browser & Nokia Store.
Updated versions of Email & Chat applications. Available via Nokia Suite.
Updated versions of Twitter, Facebook and eBuddy applications. Available via Nokia Suite.
10 new Gameloft games. Available via Nokia Suite.

Include File:

+ rm838__08.13.mcusw
+ rm838__08.13.ppm_x
+ rm838__08.13.image_x_059N7X6
+ RM838_059N7X6_08.13_032.dcp
+ RM838_059N7X6_08.13_032.vpl
+ RM838_059N7X6_08.13_032_signature.bin
+ 059N7X6_simlock.bin
+ RM838_059N7X6_08.13_032.spr
+ ccc_059N7X6.bin
+ hwc_059N7X6.bin
+ CardVerRef_059N7X6_08.13_032.xml

+ rm838__08.13.mcusw
+ rm838__08.13.ppm_x
+ rm838__08.13.image_x_059N805
+ RM838_059N805_08.13_032.dcp
+ RM838_059N805_08.13_032.vpl
+ RM838_059N805_08.13_032_signature.bin
+ RM838_059N805_08.13_032.spr
+ 059N805_simlock.bin
+ ccc_059N805.bin
+ CardVerRef_059N805_08.13_032.xml
+ hwc_059N805.bin
+ P10770301dpi600.pcx
+ P10770301dpi600_label_laout.xml

Link Download:
+Firmware Nokia Asha 308 RM-838 Versi 08.13 Bi Only (94.2MB) (OneDrive)
+ Password


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