Flashtool v0.8.6.0 (Updated on 13/06/2012)

Flashtool is a flashing software that can be used to :

  1. Flash original Images (Android 1.6, 2.1, 2.3 Images)
  2. Root your phone
  3. Install Recovery, Busybox, custom kernels
  4. Clean your Rom (remove /system/apps apps of your choice) (Be careful, unless you really know what you do, do not modify the default list. This can make your phone stuck at the SE Logo)
  5. Clear dalvik cache
  6. Optimize (install of JIT v2) (Disabled in 0.4, will readd it as a plugin for 2.1 phones only)
  7. Customize (installs apps found in the custom/apps folder of the flashtool)
  8. Clean uninstalled (remove any references to system apps removed in the Clean (root needed) step)
  9. Edit any text file on the device
  10. Rebrand your device

To install the Flashtool, follow the steps below:
    Windows version :
  1. Install the full install Flashtool package
  2. Apply the latest update (each update is cumulative)
    Updates will not be functionnal if full is not installed
    Linux version :
  1. Unpack the tar.7z package
  2. Check that libusb-1.0 is installed. On 64bits system, both 64bit and 32bit should be installed.
  3. Add these rules to /etc/udev :
    SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ACTION=="add", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0fce", SYSFS{idProduct}=="*", MODE="0777"
  4. Apply the latest update (each update is cumulative)
  5. Updates will not be functionnal if full is not installed

Full install :
    Windows Edition - v0.8.0.0 (MD5 : 46E588451662ABA6D1B550FE89F87CDA)
    Linux Edition - v0.8.0.0 (MD5 : 71FEC0286D03130F82D65241212BB37A)

Updates :
    Windows Edition - v0.8.6.0 (MD5 : 90E54DF23332637C1E507BE02A12ADA0)
    Linux Edition - v0.8.6.0 (MD5 : 335FAA60B8A0347C4292FF60BE2F5D0A)

Release Note:
- Added Xperia U, P, Sola, Ion to BL Unlock plugin.

- Fixed issue with turkish regional settings (and maybe others we don't know)
No more need to change regional settings to see FTF content.

- Repaired TA Backup / Restore / Editor (broken by 0.8.3)

* 0.8.3 :
- Fixed an issue in firmware selector. When partition categorie or TA categorie are excluded from
selection, it was not excluded from flashing.
- Elf Extractor now identifies the program type included into kernel (Image, ramdisk or rpm)

* :
- Fixed an issue where fastboot mode is not handled correctly under linux.

* :
- Fixed an issue where loader is not found when using BL Unlock or TA Backup/Restore/Editor
- Progressbar when flashing was not showing right progress.

* :
- Fixed an issue with flashing ftf under linux (specially ubuntu 12.04)
- Fixed system app backup when ls applet used to enumerate system apps is busybox one with colorization
- Added a kernel.sin extractor (ELF Extractor) to get image, ramdisk and rpm.bin on 2012 devices
- Added a Sin editor which is only capable of extracting data part from sin files for the moment.
- Added drivers for Xperia U, Sola, P
- Added Xperia U, Sola, P recognition (thanks to krabappel2548)

* :
- Switched to Java7 platform.
- Added categories to bundles.
- Added a No final data check option for some firmwares (ie ICS for ArcS)
- For LT26, partition-image can now be flashed.

* :
- Moved TA Editor and TA Backup&Restore to dev features. Can be enabled in config.properties (devfeatures=yes)
Take care with this feature. It can easily break your phone.

* :
- Added official recognition of LT26 (Xperia S)
- Added a TA Backup&Restore
- Added a TA Editor
- Added a BootLoader Unlock plugin for 2011 and 2012 devices
- Added a command line option to get IMEI (FlashTool -console --action=imei)
- Added ability to flash system.img from fastboot toolbox
- Added greek language
- Added Xperia S to drivers installation

* :
- Added Recovery to locked bootloader on LT15,1T18
- Added Recovery installation to E10, E15, U20 devices from flashtool
- Added working fastboot for linux
- Modified uninstaller to avoid deleting custom files
- Added a flashtool toolkit for FT scripts in /system/flashtool (do not delete this folder)
- Added a console mode for both windows and linux

- Added ThKernel to kernel installer for X10
- Better detection of missing drivers if they are not installed for adb, flashmode or fastboot mode
- Flashtool now works natively in 64bits for both Windows and Linux.
Run Flashtool64 under windows to use the native 64bits release

- Some improvements in device mode detection.
- Fixed an issue with cleaner feature (check if all files are there before beginning).
- Added DoomKernel v06 and v06-1113 to kernel installer for X10.
- Prepared for x64 native version under windows. (not working at the moment).

- Fixed a bug when waiting for device in unlock bootloader feature.

- Added drag&drop for ftf bundles.
- Windows and linux version edition (no more use of SE code and DLL)
- Added DoomKernel v06 for X10 owners
- Added Bootloader relock for X10 owners

- Corrected an issuee where some X10 Mini Pro devices are not recognized (and maybe others)

- Corrected issue where flashtool refused to close when using fastboot (hopefully)
- You can now have spaces in path to flashtool (can be installed in program files)
- Optimized device recognition
- Optimized Flashtool exit (there were some lags)
- Updated Superuser to 3.0.7 and su to 3.0.3
- Updated CWM5 to for X10

- Corrected an issue where devices are not recognized in the right mode

- Added BL unlock for E10,E15,U20
- Added E10,E15,U20 to list of devices
- Added a Fastboot Toolbox (thanks DooMLoRD)
- More accurate phone connection/disconnection detection as well as connection mode

- Added BL unlock for X10
- Small fixes for plugin API
- Device recognition for all 2011 xperia line

- Added drivers for 2011 line of xperia phones
- When rooting device, it did not reboot at end of process.
- su perms were not set the same way as Superuser do when it updates su binary
- Corrected a small issue on ARC where phone was not detected after applying part1 of root exploit.
- When installing recovery, the first install sets the installed version as default one.
It was not the case, causing pressing back key at boot not entering recovery as no default one was found.

- Added zergRush root exploit for 2.3 FW
- Added a toolbar instead of buttons. Icons can be changed from x10flasher_lib/x10flasher-res.jar
if you don't like default ones :-)
- Updated Superuser.apk and su to the latest version.
- X10 BL unlock will come later as a plugin. Plugin system almost ready

- Rebrand feature added
- Build.prop editor has become a generic text file editor
- busybox installation can handle multiple versions
- recovery installation can handle multiple versions
- kernel installation can handle multiple versions
- when flashing, system.sin can be excluded to flash only BB related files from a complete FTF bundle
- Updated ADB drivers for 2.3.3 devices
- Updated Superuser.apk and su to the latest version.
- To apply aZuZu root method, after having flashed kernel downgrade, go to Advanced->root->force psneuter.
aZuZu ftf files included in the flashtool package.

- Better chargemon support for all ROMS
- Busybox upgraded to 1.17.2 (taken from superoneclick 1.7)
- Developper feature : install and reboot custom kernels
(doesn't work as custom kernels do not work yet. Just developper feature)

* 0.2.9:
- Recovery updated to FreeXperia recovery from J's CM7rc2
- Recovery and Busybox installation should work on Custom Roms
- Busybox is searched in /system/xbin now (J's CM7rc2 changes)
- Recovery is installed in /system/recovery (as J's CM7rc2)
- This version should recognize xperia ARC
- This version should be able to flash SE decrypted firmwares for xperia ARC ? (need some testers)
- This version may root xperia ARC ? (need some testers)
- This version may install busybox on xperia ARC ? (need some testers)
- This version may install xrecovery on xperia ARC ? (need some testers)

* 0.2.8:
[New] The device is autodetected by the flashtool at plug / unplug
[New] If you install xRecovery from flashtool, you can reboot into recovery from flashtool too (Advanced menu)
[New] You can now backup all /system/app content (Advanced menu)
[New] You can translate all parts of the Graphical Interface (look in x10flasher_lib/langs for samples)
[Upd] Firmware screen selection offers the ability to change the folder source containing ftf files.
[Upd] Clean task now has a notion of profile that can be imported/exported for sharing
[Upd] Customize is now APK Installer. This screen has the ability to choose the folder where apk files are
[Upd] Optimize should work for any device (X10, X10mini/pro, X8)
[Upd] xRecovery should work for any device (X10, X10mini/pro, X8)
[Bug] Flashing should not anymore hang if flash goes wrong. An error should be thrown and flash aborted

* 0.2.6:
[Upd] Flashing 1.6 firmwares could lead to a FC with Timescape. 1.6 bundles must have the preset.ta file
if this one exists. otherwise the flash will be uncomplete.
[Upd] Updated the "turn to flashmode" wait box. (thanks to rendeiro2005 for the animated gif)
[Upd] Updated to xRecovery 0.3
[Upd] Decryption now opens the bundle creation when complete.
[Bug] Correction of a bug under certain scenario with ROM cleaner (when switching firmware version)

* 0.2.5:
[Bug] Root not working properly (regression from 0.2.3 to 0.2.4). Fixed.
[New] Feature] Added a basic build.prop editor.

* 0.2.4:
[Bug] Clean (root needed) task bug resolved. A new button "Ask Root Perms" has been added
to be sure the flashtool has root accesses. All task which need root access are disabled
while this Ask Root task is not complete.
[New] Firmwares have to come bundled in one file named with a ftf extension
(ftf for Flash Tool Firmware). A Create Bundle feature has been added to the tool to create
your own firmware bundles. (So no need to Redownload a firmware you already have. Just bundle it).
This way it will be easier to package / distribute / integrate firmwares as they come out.

* 0.2.3:
[Bug] SEUS decrypt fixed
[New] Wipe Userdata is set to default YES

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