Firmware Imo G8 CPU MSTAR

Firmware IMO G8

File: Mstar_GIGA_GD25Q64.bin
Download Firmware Imo G8

Log Flash Dengan MCN BOX

Welcome to use McnBox!
Selected COM10 COM9
Baud setting ...
Set Baud done
Initialize in progress ...
Checking data ...
Serial No. MCN20100416D0451
Firmware V1.15
Checksum C877-EFBE
Software V3.29
Box Connected!
Ready working at COM10
Scanning pin status,please waiting...
Pin-status Scan Done
Operation done, Pin detect out.
USB D-: 2   USB D+: 3  Mstar MSW853X
Press [ Save ] to save Pinout
Total expend 19 seconds
[G:5 D-:2 D+:3 Down:4] Apply to Box
If Scan other phone, please click [Stop]
Connecting, wait...
[G:5 D-:2 D+:3 Down:4] Apply to Box
Connecting, wait...
Phone Connected!
Initialize boot6...
Boot Done.
Flash Type NOR
Flash ID 00C86017
Flash Model GIGA_GD25Q64
Flash Size 0x800000(8.0M)
Erasing Flash...
Erase Done!
Start Writing...
Write Done!

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